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Holly Ball- January 16, 2017

Thank you Holly for your concern about my knee injury. Even knee and shoulder specialists can still make mistakes sometimes, and accidents can always happen. Hope everything is going well with your hip and as always, if any patients have any concerns or questions, please contact us! It is better to ask a question and have something seen before the problem exceeds to get worse.

Mike Herzberg- July 13, 2016

 Thank you Mike for your comment! We want all of our patients to return back to their daily routine successfully, and are glad your shoulder is feeling 100% better. With commitment, and the help of rehabilitation, we can work as a team to get the patient's health back to normal. We work with the patient as partners in their health care!

Kara Wright: March 31, 2016

     A post-operative therapy that is recommended in our office to some athletes and active patients is a technique called Dartfish. This technology allows us to analyze a percentage of your improvement post operatively.  One of our patients, Kara, recently had this test done on her knee after her ACL reconstruction back in October.


     Our staff examined Kara at the end of February and she was told it would be beneficial for her to try the Dartfish test. She was 6 weeks post op at this appointment and was doing reasonably well. We wanted to see an exact percentage of her results, because she explained it felt “almost” back to normal. Kara was told a vague synopsis of how the test will go, and once she checked that her insurance covered the test she went for it.

     Once Kara arrived for the test, she was skeptical of all the activities the therapist was asking her to perform. The reason being, when Kara would go to the gym she would be too nervous to try any lunges, squats, jumping, etc. So, when the first thing the therapist asked her to do was hop on one leg and other series of little jumping, she was wondering what the rest of the test would be like.

    The whole test consisted of the therapist directing Kara to move her knee in ways where he could analyze her recovery by eye sight. When Kara was warming up she had rope ladder in front of her, where should would have a series of hopping/jumping with both legs and single-legged in between each section of the ladder. This warm up took about 15 minutes to make sure Kara’s knee was loose and ready for the test.


     Kara left with some exercises that the therapist gave her to strengthen her knee as well as confidence. She had a feeling her knee was healing, but was nervous to do exercises like squats or jumps because she did not want to re-tear her ACL. When all the results are presented to Kara, she will know if more therapy is needed. Also, after taking the test, she has more confidence to exceed her workouts because the test showed her what she is capable of doing. In due time, she will be able to return back to soccer without the anxiety of hurting herself and enjoy her activities and daily life

Denny Schmoele- November 24, 2015

Just want to give a big thanks to Dr Miller and his staff for repairing my collar bone. I really appreciate all your help and support.

Posted by Denny Schmoele on Tuesday, November 24, 2015



A Return to Baseball

Nicholas Mahrt, a 38-year-old baseball coach, had experienced both knee pain and shoulder pain. In fact, he complained of “popping” and “grinding” in his knee. This former high school baseball catcher remained active in baseball, playing on a men’s league, when he injured his knee playing third base. While there was suspicion of a meniscal tear, he was told to “just let it heal.”

Nicholas continued to have persistent knee pain, so he made an appointment with Dr. Miller, in which an MRI was ordered to evaluate his knee. His MRI showed patellar issues. Since Nicholas was also complaining of right shoulder pain, Dr. Miller ordered an MRI arthrogram, which revealed a labrum tear.

Nicholas had arthroscopic labral repair surgery in July, followed by a lateral release on his knee in December. Nicholas participated in post-op physical therapy for both his knee and shoulder.

Nicholas returned to his throwing program and eventually back to the game of baseball. Nicholas is currently president and commissioner, Lewis & Clark Baseball League; head coach, St. Louis Gamers 18U; and owner, Town Coopers Baseball.

"Lisa, Kevin and Dr. Miller took great care of me through the entire surgical processes. Dr. Miller ensured my knee and shoulder injuries were properly diagnosed, and took tremendous time to make sure I understood not just the problems, but the available options and recovery potentials. Kevin steered me through the rehabilitation process with the utmost attention. And Lisa — what's not to say about Lisa — she adeptly managed me through the entire process. Dr. Miller and his team are the best around — my physical health literally proves it"


















 Steve Howell 2















New Cartilage Procedure Gets Patient Back to the Peak

Matt Menghini had a difficult knee problem. He had a defect or hole in the cartilage of his knee. He was having trouble with prolonged walking, and had to consider whether he would be able to continue his hiking and mountain climbing. Dr. Miller performed a new cartilage restoration technique called Carticel, in which the defect or hole was fixed using his own cartilage cells that were grown in a lab and re-implanted into his knee. Following this innovative procedure, Matt was able to return to climbing and sent Dr. Miller this picture.

"Yesterday I summited Twin Sisters Peak. I am feeling great. I can't tell you guys how happy I am. I want Dr. Miller to know how grateful I am for his great work. Thanks! Matt."

To learn more about the Carticel procedure visit



Randall Straub

"Dr. Miller was so kind, caring and dedicated not only to me, but to my entire family. We all truly felt that he cared about all of us.  He took time before and after surgery to explain everything we needed to know.  It was wonderful to have a physician take time before and after surgery to meet with the patient and family to explain and discuss what to expect and how the surgery went.  Thanks Dr. Miller!"



"In November 2012, I ruptured my Achilles playing flag football.  I had been wearing new cleats and they caused tension that eventually ended in a tell-tale  SNAP!  Within an hour, Dr. Miller's office gave instructions on how to take care of it before he operated.  When you blow an Achilles, it is easy to get down, to feel a little humiliated and dependent on others, regardless of your fitness level.  I snowboard, exercise, race motorcycles and dance and it was really hard to hear it might take up to a year for a full recovery.  Dr. Miller, Lisa and the rest of the crew were encouraging, realistic and gave clear instructions, also warning me the risks if activity returns too soon after surgery (think Ryan Howard).  They checked in regularly and answered any questions I had all during the recovery, which entailed crutches, boot, physical therapy and lots of ice.  Eventually, light walking, yoga and a little running eased me back into my health.  Now, my left (injured) Achilles feels stronger and better than my right most days and I was back in the saddle last summer and on the slopes this winter.  I am now definitely back to 100% and even took place in a three hour race just last week.  Thanks for giving me my lifestyle back, Dr. Miller and crew!"