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May 5, 2016-

Golf/Softball Seasons

Now that the weather is staying in our favor here in the St. Louis area, many of you may be hitting the golf course and/or starting your softball leagues. To prevent any shoulder injuries during your game please look at some of these tips and VIDEOS from STARK (the ultimate pitcher website) and the Hospital of Special Surgery to help you warm up your shoulder before any major activity. Look out this summer so you can enjoy the weather and your sport.
  • Try to not carry your golf bag as much with a painful ache in shoulder
  • Movement of shoulder should be timed after the hip and trunk motion in swing.
  • With a shoulder injury try putting a towel under the injured arm pit during practice swings. The reason behind this is the elbow can be close to the elbow to decrease straining the shoulder.
  • To see how to use a stretch band to warm up your shoulder before a work out of sport, please watch these Videos. 


August 12, 2015-

Pain In The Front of the Shoulder

Anterior shoulder pain can have various causes. Many athletes have anterior shoulder pain with overhead throwing and overhead hitting sports like baseball and tennis. The three most common causes are biceps tendonitisa labral tear, or shoulder laxity which causes increased stress on the shoulder. Each of these conditions is treated differently.

Biceps Tendonitis and increased shoulder laxity is typically treated with physical therapy.

In the case of suspicion of a labral tear, an MRI is ordered to determine the extent of the tear.

Some small tears may be treated without surgery. However, large tears and tears that involve the biceps tendon called SLAP tears may need to be treated with arthroscopic repair.

To learn more details about anterior shoulder pain check out our Patient Guides and surgical videos.