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December 9, 2016

We feel very grateful when we receive Thank You notes from patients. Not only does it make my day, but my staff's as well. My practice wouldn't be what it is without them and their hard work/customer service. It is an honor to see that patients notice that as well. Whether you are a patient that comes in for your knee or shoulder pain, paying through Worker's Compensation or Private Insurance; my staff and myself want the best for the patient's health so they can return to their daily routine in life.


November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL my lovely patients who keep my practice running. Especially a big Thank You to The Burrow Family for this amazing HOMEMADE Cheesecake! Have loved working with your family and all other families that have come and seen me throughout the years.

June 13, 2015-

There has been a variety of different events going on that Gretchen has been attending, networking our practice and having fun. Along with the Safety Con Expo in the Ozarks at Tan-Tar-A resort back in May; there was the Workers Compensation Division Conference, also at Tan-Tar-A resort, and Anders Putt and Prosper fundraiser for Stray Rescue. 

Each of these events were wonderful to attend and gave her a chance to network the Miller team/practice as well as meeting and helping our community. During the conference, along with giving case managers, adjusterphysical therapists, and many more participants in the workers comp world our information, we held a Luau for most attendees and gave away coffee sleeves and pens! During the Luau and breaks in between the conference, we had a photo booth that people could relax and have some fun! The Orthopedic Center of St. Louis would like to congratulate Ryan Smits on winning our 43" television that we gave away at the end of the conference. During the Anders Putt and Prosper Miniature Golf fundraiser, Gretchen won the longest putt competition at 27 yards and the event made over $300 for Stray Rescue, a non profit organization that helps stray animals. The Miller team enjoys donating to those that are in need and like to spend time with those that work in the workers comp field.

Thank you for those who took information on Dr. Mark Miller and The Orthopedic Center of St. Louis as well as getting your picture taken at the photo booth. If you are one that attended the conference or would like to see our photo booth pictures, please visit and see our album on our Facebook Page.  

Dr. Mark Miller's Team at Stray Rescue Fundraiser

March 4, 2016-
Recently, our team members (Gretchen, Lisa, and Caryn) got to learn about some interesting facts about another culture. Nicola, from Midwest Occupational Medicine, has traveled numerous amounts of times in her lifetime. Originally being from England and her father from Ireland, Nicola has also lived in a couple different states in America as well as Germany. Now, located in Belleville, she amazingly still has her British accent. 

During dinner, Nicola was explaining that she is adapting to the American slang, but gets herself confused and mixes it with British slang. She explained that she would speak out of context and say that " the rubbish man, picks up the rubbish off the side of the street" (rubbish meaning trash). There were plenty of other words that are completely different in Britain than here in America. The conversation continued and turned into a long night of laughs and great food. Lisa, Gretchen, and Caryn were gobsmacked about all the different slang words over in Britain. To learn for yourself about all the different slang terms/phrases in Britain, Nicola has sent this to us that we would like to share on the link below.


December 16, 2015-

Last Friday, a member of our team (Gretchen) experienced blurred vision and sensitivity to light. She has migraines often but doesn't have this certain trigger when she feels a migraine starting. This link below has an article about the struggles of athletes that suffer with migraines daily and the outcome it could have.



November 11, 2015-

Thank you to all the Veterans for all that you have done for our country. Your bravery and courage have gotten our country through so much, and have given people so many opportunities. With all the negative news that goes on in the world day by day, let today be full of positive appreciation for what you have done. Thank you Veterans!


September 17, 2015-

Wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for all those who wished me a Happy 60th Birthday yesterday. It was so special and eventful day because of all my friends, family, and colleagues. 


September 9, 2015-

Passed my American Board of Independent Medical Exam!! I am now certified by ABIME and can allow case managers, insurance claims adjusters, employers and other health professionals to rely on me fully for the care of their clients. 


August 25, 2015-

Proud to help Midwest Revolution Fast Pitch Softball in Mascoutah, Illinois with their team this year. It is always a pleasure to see young athletes wanting to improve and enjoy their game in the metro St. Louis area. Have fun and play ball! 


July 23, 2015- 

We understand that every circumstance is different, but here is an example that I read that was eye opening. A patient is upset about waiting 30 min in the waiting room for their doctor, which is understandable. Then you see what the doctor's response is to the complaint in the link below.


July 17, 2015-

Today we say goodbye to our intern Casey Guthmiller. We hope that he's learned a plethora of knowledge to help him pursue in his college career. The team showed their appreciation by taking Casey to Cardinal Nation at Ballpark Village for lunch, where Casey had never been before. He also experienced a delicious concrete from the infamous Ted Drews frozen custard, which he had never been to before as well. Luckily, he gets to see a Cardinal game on Saturday too before he leaves. We here at the Miller team wish him good luck with his future endeavors. Thank you Casey!