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January 5, 2017-

For all your skiers out there, like myself, please be careful on the slopes this winter season. Unfortunately, a ski related knee accident occurred  to me while on vacation and even for a knee specialist, accidents happen. But there are a couple things you can do to prevent an accident from happening. 

This credible article from The American Physical Therapy Association, helps those prevent a knee or shoulder injury from happening while skiing. There are exercises and safety precautions in the article for those who are about to hit the slopes! 

Also, if you already have a knee/shoulder injury from skiing or any other activity, browse around the website to see what my practice can offer you! Remember, it is always good to get something checked out early, because it can sometimes proceed to get worse.  


March 17th-

Along with maintaining a good healthy lifestyle, here are a few simple and easy moves (from by Erin Kelly) that you can try to eliminate knee pain for good. Obviously, use caution with these moves and you may want to ask your therapist which move is the best for your knee situation. 

1. Wall Calf Stretches
2. Calf Smash with Lacrosse Ball
3. Half Knee Up and Quad stretch
4. Quad Foam Roller stretch
5. Wall Hamstring stretch
6. Straight Leg Raise

For more in depth reasoning on why these stretches will help your knee, and the proper way to perform each one click on the link below.

February 25, 2016-

After seeing a plethora of knee problems, a certain percentage come from running injuries. To give your knees a break, there are other alternatives to running that will prevent or help a knee injury. Also, these alternatives are a switch up for your body to work different muscles that you are not used to strengthening. On the link below, it shows five alternatives to running that will keep you motivated and stay with your work out routine.