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Healthy Lifestyle

November 14, 2016

Even though the cold front finally came to the St. Louis area, doesn't mean it is time to be stay in the house all day. You still can stay active and enjoy the weather and fall foliage. The St. Louis area is great place for hiking and biking trails, according to St. Louis Magazine here are 10 trails you do not want to miss out on!

To learn more about each of these and where they're located, just go to St. Louis Magazine's website and find out more about each one. Also, staying fit is great for people with early arthritis symptoms, and those that want to get back to playing sports. Going for a walk or short bike ride on a trail can help people gradually get back to their normal active routine after a shoulder and knee injury.

Prevent Arthritis

September 16, 2016

 For those who know that it is difficult to get outside to go work out during colder weather; here is some helpful couch work outs to do at home! Enjoy, but always be cautious, and don't push yourself too hard. 

 January 14, 2016-

For all those who have made their New Years resolutions of being healthy and possibly start running more; New York Times has an article explaining how important it is to choose the correct running shoe. 
"Many runners may be wearing the wrong shoes for their particular stride or the right shoes that were chosen for the wrong reasons, according to a new scientific review about running shoes and injury risks.
The connection between running shoes and running injuries is surprisingly controversial and, from a scientific standpoint, unsettled."
Prevent a running injury and choose the correct shoe for your personality, read the rest of the article at the link below! Also try the Nike + Training App to help get motivated with your own personal trainer.
December 28, 2015-

The time has come, where the holidays are almost over and it is time for the new year and a fresh start. So, after all those holiday treats, you may need some help getting back into your routine for staying fit and active. 

These apps will help you with reminders and notifications for healthy habits for everyday living. There are many ways that you can eat fruits and vegetables as well as working out on a budget after all of that Christmas shopping. Check out the link below for 10 different apps that can help you with this new year!


September 1, 2015-

While going back to school can be hectic, there are some helpful apps and suggestions, on the link below,  that can make scheduling between school, clubs and league a lot easier. Whether your way of staying organized is through a planner or calendar, there are some other things that can help you and your athletes stay motivated for this school year and sport seasons. 


July 29, 2015-

  Water is the best way to stay fit and healthy in any situation. It prevents you from dehydration during this lovely Midwest weather. Also, it flushes out all of the toxins that are in your body so that all of your muscles are getting the oxygen that they need. When drinking water all of the cells in your body receive nutrients that you need to stay alive and alert! If athletes or workers are not sweating at all or sweating little in this summer heat, they need more water. Some of the other signs of dehydration are headaches, weakness, confusion/dizziness, fatigue, and more that are very similar. Click on  the picture below, to see 13 easy ways to drink more water every day! I personally love #4, very helpful for in the office. 


July 10, 2015- 

While treating many young and talented athletes this week, I found this article to be helpful. All of these delicious changes to a young athletes diet can improve their muscles, flexibility, and motivation in their everyday activities. Making changes to a diet can lead to a faster recovery and let the athletes return to their "game" quicker. Enjoy and STAY FIT!! 

An article by Mary Fruita explains that Greek Yogurt, home-made fruit mixtures, fruits and vegetables, little snacks for car rides, and muffins? Read the rest of the article here from LiveWell Colorado,