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May 30, 2017-

Surprisingly, there are many science-based health benefits to listening to music. For one, it may help people run fast, boost their workout motivation, as well as increase/enhance endurance. According to an USA TODAY article, Listening to those top workout tracks can boost physical performance and increase endurance during a tough exercise session.

To help you get moving during your workouts, here are some of the Top Playlists that we've found on Fitness Magazine, for whatever genre you may enjoy. They have examples for Pop, Country, and all mixtures. 

Top 100 Best Workout Songs

You Shook Me (AC/DC)
Addicted to You (Avicci)
Wake Me Up (Avicci)
Fancy (Iggy Azalea)

For more examples of songs click this link and Enjoy the music!


April 13, 2017-

Tennis is a intense high impact sport and involves repetitive twisting & turning of your body and knee. If the unfortunate event happens where you have knee pain, take action! Please; take a break, ice/elevate, and take Advil/Aleve. If the pain continues though, please seek help with a doctor or a Knee Specialist. To prevent a knee injury from happening there are certain exercises that can strengthen the muscles around your knee to protect and support yourself during a high impact sport, such as tennis. 

Trying an assortment of these before returning back to your sport will protect you, while you continue on living a healthy life style. If you are eager to learn more details on how these certain exercises are performed, please click the one you are interested in to help. If you have any further questions on knee problems, please contact us! 

The longer you wait, the worse the injury can progress.


March 8 , 2017-

After reading an interesting article about people's New Year's resolutions, Gretchen found that 80% of people give up on their resolutions by the 2nd week in February! If you made a New Year's resolution associated with your health and have been slacking (here in March), DON'T FRET. According to this article by Joseph Luciani Ph.d., a clinical psychologist, you need to "train your brain first" before tackling any of your physical features. After reading this, Gretchen gave some relate-able examples for each tactic Joseph presents.
  1. Think Small: Not drinking soda or cutting down intake per day
  2. Build Self Trust
  3. Invent Challenges: With the new Apple Watches/Fitbit's, try to walk 10,000 steps a day or more
  4. Cultivate optimism: Try to look at one personal feature a day and either find a way to fix something you don't like or pride yourself on it
  5. Develop Critical Awareness: If you are having Knee or Shoulder issues while working out, be aware to seek help before injuring yourself.
If your brain is telling you that something doesn't feel right; i.e. your knee, shoulder, or neck, please have the awareness to research it and ask. Even though it is the second week in March, there is always time to get back into a routine and return on track! GET MOTIVATED but be safe! To read the entire article by Joseph Luciani, Ph.D., follow the link below.